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Andrea O’Hagan

M.Ed. with First Class Honours, B.Ed.,

Higher Dip. Teaching, Dance and Drama in Education Dip. 

Master Practitioner and Trainer of N.L.P.

Born as a first-generation New Zealander to a Scots mother and a Dutch father with great love for each other yet differing values and beliefs I learnt first-hand the importance of words and relationships.  My career started in my 20’s as a primary school teacher  and moved into more specialised work within education. I have been employed by the Peace Foundation Aotearoa, Educational Services, the University of Waikato, Child, Youth and Family services, and Violence Free Waitakere- now Violence Free Communities to design and facilitate courses to bring about more effective communication, more harmonious relationships and greater safety for children. 

I am contracted by schools to provide in-school training for teachers and students in visual imaging for spelling and learning as well as effective teacher talk for relational pedagogy.  

My current work  builds on my background as a classroom teacher and includes research from neuroscience which I studied as part of my Masters in Education degree (2015) and the field of N.L.P. - Neuro Linguistic Programming which I trained in to the level of Master Practitioner and Trainer.