Coaching – The inner journey

Life sometimes takes an unexpected direction, leaving you unclear about what to do next. One on one coaching can provide you with new skills and understandings to get you where you want to be.

As a client you develop the resources to cope with challenges or make changes in your life. Mike is a highly skilled personal coach with over 35 years of experience in facilitating change processes for clients.

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Workplace Coaching – The journey to Success

Relating well with one another is linked to organisations and businesses producing outstanding results. Coaching for individuals together with team coaching and training are a winning combination.

Our workplace coaching and trainings are run by Mike O’Hagan.


Peak Effectiveness coaching is built on the premise that people in high pressure jobs need to be at the top of their game and know they need a coach to challenge them to follow a game plan, to learn, and address any obstacles. 

Mike will coach you through a structured process of 12 one-hour sessions to identify your immediate, short term and long time goals, the inner resources you have and those you will benefit from developing. The key benefits for you are greater clarity and higher motivation to achieve.

Graduates of this process report they moved into achieving their goals “as if on automatic pilot.”

Routine personal coaching can assist you in maintaining work/life balance, while remaining focused or finely tuned in your work. Contact Mike now for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Skills and Strategies for Workplace Emergencies

Being prepared for possible emergencies is an essential part of maintaining a safe working environment. Recovering quickly from actual emergencies is crucial to minimise harm and loss of productivity

Being prepared for possible emerencies

Mike conducts trainings for emergency response personnel delivering

  • ‘Cutting edge’ verbal skills to make first aid interventions even more effective.
  • Personal management skills to maintain and develop resilience.
  • Strategies to rapidly de-stress themselves after an emergency.

Recovering quickly from actual emergencies

Our brains are inclined to re-run ‘movies’ or images of any crisis situation we are involved in. After an emergency where there have been casualties or a near miss Mike can

  • Coach those involved to speed up the process of returning their brain and physiology to normal functioning
  • Lead those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress through the rapid Trauma Recovery process

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