Andrea O'Hagan and Positive Changes

At Positive Changes we bring new perspectives to the words and relationships.

Our work with teachers, students, parents and individuals is based on neuro-linguistics and neuro-science research. We bring knowledge of effective language patterns and the underlying values and principles of ordinary people who have achieved some extraordinary results.

We bring the same principles and practices to workplaces to enable people to be at their best, work well together and have excellent customer service skills. This combination produces a high degree of business success.

Andrea supports teacher,students and parents in developing a greater understanding of their strengths.  Mike supports parents, business managers, and people working in the not-for- profit sector. Additional team members are available through our network of consultants to meet your needs.

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Who are we? The founding partners

Our Stories

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Andrea O’Hagan

M.Ed. with First Class Honours, B.Ed.(Teaching)

Higher Diploma of Teaching

Diploma of Dance and Drama in Education

Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP

Born as a first-generation New Zealander to a Scots mother and Dutch father with great love for each other yet differing values and beliefs I learnt first-hand the importance of words and relationships. Travel experiences broadened my view of how people get on together and what works  or doesn't work in relationships...

Mike O’Hagan

Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP

Transforming Communication© Instructor  Personal Coach ICI

MBTI consultant.

Being the fifth child in a family of six I enjoyed the love and care of devoted parents and caring older siblings.  In my younger years I was drawn to contribute and help create a society where each person is valued and respected...