Andrea works with parents on  developing skills of visual imaging for learning.

Andrea facilitates workshops and coaching sessions for parents to unpack the visual imaging component of effective spelling, recall, reading and comprehension. Through a combination of information linked to interactive exercises parents learn how they can assist their child develop and strengthen the basic sensory imaging abilities that are so important for educational success. 

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 Often children get 'stuck' in using one type of learning strategy. A child who loves physical activities and gets on really well with other children may be trying to use the same learning approach to spelling and writing. Another child who is creative  or artistic and fast at solving problems conceptually may struggle with a phonetic approach to spelling and reading. It is important to know that children arrive at school as a new entrant with some preferred learning strategies

It is important to be able to help children recognise their learning strategies and to be ale to think about their ability to change strategies to suit the situation. Understanding that we can learn 'how to learn' and how to use our brain is part of developing resiliency and a growth mind set.

Spelling and learning difficulties

Andrea coaches children and parents in an approach using visual imaging that improves spelling. People with symptoms of dyslexia are often highly visual thinkers and this approach uses that strength in learning.This strategy has made a difference for children and adults who have been struggling with spelling, writing, reading and comprehension.  Most children make significant progress in 4-6 weeks.

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'As parents the visual spelling program has been a huge benefit to us as it has given us techniques to assist with homework and making learning fun. It has been really inspiring to find Andrea and we highly recommend this program.' B & K Warren, 2016.