An experienced provider of PLD for schools, Andrea specialises in teacher tools to keep a class engaged in productive learning and relating well to each other.

 When Andrea is coaching or facilitating workshops she is unpacking the strengths and possibilities within the linguistic patterns and learning approaches of the teachers and children she works with. 


Workshops and Presentations

Visual Imaging, Spelling, Learning Strategies

The Visual  Imaging Spelling and Learning Strategy provides students with an effective tool they can add to other spelling strategies  they may have already learned. Symptoms associated with dsylexia and other learning difficulties can be overcome by learning to use the brain's ability to visually image words and concepts. Phonics can be strengthened

PLD workshops on Visual Imaging for Spelling include:-

  • Development and the effects of stress and overwhelm

  • Effective vs ineffective spelling strategies

  • Dealing with fixed mindsets

  • Modelling a 9 step spelling process suitable for students to peer coach each other with

  • Strategies for irregular nouns, homophones and longer words

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Effective Teacher Talk

This workshop provide teachers with awareness of the language patterns of their students and how to utilise the children’s patterns while teaching or managing behaviors.

Teachers with a flexible approach to student behaviors can generate the positive learning outcomes they seek from their students.

Content of Effective Teacher Talk presentations and workshops is dependent on the time available and can include the following:

  • learning skills and linguistic principles that open students' mental 'map' of what's possible.

  • developing approaches to strengthen students' commitment to change

  • Strengthening student and teacher resiliency.

  • Unpacking the nature of student anxiety

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