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Mike O’Hagan

Master Practitioner and Trainer N.L.P., Transforming Communication© Instructor

Personal Coach-ICI

MBTI Consultant

Being the fifth child in a family of six I enjoyed the love and care of devoted parents and caring older siblings. The wider clan, church community and village culture provided me with a safe environment to enjoy a carefree childhood among people who were living and working together harmoniously. In my younger years I was drawn to contribute to helping create a society where each person is valued and respected and empowered to be at their best.

I came to believe that people positively influence others by who they are more than by what they do. Routine periods of personal and professional development became woven into the pattern of my life. It became a passion for me to assist others as a coach and trainer. To facilitate the growth of cultures where people can develop and achieve together. 

I served as pastor in a number of parishes, and as a diocesan director of adult learning and pastoral development in the Catholic Church. Since deciding to leave active priesthood and to marry Andrea, my work has been in personal and team coaching. I am contracted to facilitate trainings on large industrial work sites and other work places. I coach private clients. I develop and facilitate trainings in self-development and interpersonal skills. I coach people to quickly recover from traumatic experiences.

I believe each person’s well-being and success depends on how they manage their inner world, how well they deal with the challenges of being with people of diverse personality traits and world views.