Testimonials from  parents and children 

Spelling and Visual Imaging Strategy

Hi Andrea, L. and I did his 10 mins today and then I said “come on let’s learn your school spelling words too”, meaning just the normal way cos he’d already done his 10 mins. He just sat down and looked at them by himself for a few minutes and then I asked him his words expecting him to just say them forwards and to struggle but he did the first word forward and then did it backwards and then he rattled them all off forwards and backwards. No whiteboard or help from me or anything. It was amazing!! You should see how excited he is!! He just did all the words again both ways for Dad [who] couldn’t believe it! 

Thanks for all your help so far. I just asked how he felt and he said “smart”! It’s so great for his confidence! Parent of 12 year old, 2017

Everyone learns in different ways and this learning method has really benefitted our daughter.  We are amazed with how much her spelling and reading have progressed during the term in which she had six 1/2 hour weekly sessions with Andrea.  Also; she now has much more confidence with her school work and as a result of this she is also discovering other areas of interest.

As parents the program has been a huge benefit to us as it has given us techniques to assist with homework and making learning fun. It has been really inspiring to find Andrea and we highly recommend this program.  B & K Warren, parents of  9 year old, 2016. 

Thank you Andrea, I'm now on my way to success! Scott aged 9, 2016

With the help of Andrea, Scott has already gone up 3 spelling levels and his confidence is soaring! Scott came home today to tell me he is now on set F.  He is as pleased as punch!  I started testing on first 10 words of F and he did really well, got quite a few right, without even being tested on them before.  When we came to you, he was still on set C! Thank you for all your help!  Scott's Mum



Hi Andrea Just thought I would update you on [my daughters'] progress with spelling. They are both motoring through their spelling especially K, she is now on set E and she received a certificate at assembly for her efforts into her spelling. With C I hardly need to even go through her spelling words with her, when she gets her new spelling list she gets them right first go.                      B.B., parent of 7 and 9 year old girls, 2016

Working with Andrea has improved my spelling a lot. With all of the different activities to remember the word it really gets stuck in your head so you will remember for years to come.   Amy, aged 11